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The kind of inhumane punishment meted out to women throughout history is unthinkable in today’s society.

The basic idea of punishment is that there is evil and wickedness in human nature. It can only be remedied when severe punishments are imposed and people stop committing crimes out of fear.

Now that the woman is considered weak and also less intelligent than the man, in order to control her, the man has got the right in the patriarchal system to adapt the woman’s personality to his liking and he took away his identity and brought her under his control.

It started with domestic violence but some of the crimes were exposed which involved the whole society. Her…

The story of Roman civilization where a woman caused the end of the monarchy and the beginning of democracy.

The history of the Roman woman begins with a tragedy. Before the Roman Republic, the Etruscan dynasty ruled here. His king went to the house of Brutus, a prominent citizen, one night and raped his wife, Lucretia, while he was not there.

The next day, Lucretia gathered her husband and family and told them the whole story, after which she stabbed herself to death.

Brutus picked up his wife’s body and vowed that the kingdom would not be allowed to enter Rome, so he expelled the Etruscan family and established Roman democracy. …

Just as day and night watches have their own moods and effects on human beings, so do past have their own stories and moods. The eyes of time are never closed, they are always open.

Whether it is the light of the sun and the moon or the dark night, those eyes see everything.

Now the other thing is that many facts could not reach us or maybe they were not allowed to reach, because it is not the responsibility of time but of the historian of time to record what he sees for the time to come. There is a saying that love, fragrance and blood can not be hidden. You can’t throw past events into the well of past, but you shouldn’t throw them away because we are a collection of these events.

Most people love to watch movies, but did you know that these movies, which provide a few hours of entertainment, often cause history to change?

By the way, it seems to be difficult but not impossible, but some films are made in such a way that it seems that they have changed the course of history.

Braveheart and Scotland

Last week ship stuck in Suez Canal has drawn worldwide attention, but do you know how the canal was originally planned and then abandoned?

First, the coronavirus shook the world, now the ship stranded in the Suez Canal has given another warning that the modern world is not as stable as we think it is and a small incident can shake it.

The giant ship that stuck in Suez last week is costing the world more than 9 billion dollars a day, and the worst traffic jam in the event of a shipwreck will clear up in a few weeks.

Since the news, the world’s attention has been drawn to the Suez Canal, but few people know that the canal was originally planned during…

Story of my first ever trip to Neelum Valley AJK

This was my first trip of life. After completing matriculation and doing six months of job in a textile mill, I joined a travel agency as a data entry operator. After some time of joining, the company arranged a group trip to Kashmir Neelum Valley AJK, and I got the chance of traveling with the group.

It was the very first trip of my life before this I visited no place. Actually, I knew nothing about tourism. This first Neelam Valley tour made me crazy about traveling.

As I mentioned, I knew little about tourism. So how did I join…

Everyone wants to be slim, everyone likes intelligence, everyone wants to live a ‘normal’ life, everyone likes a powerful position, everyone likes the taste. Everyone wants to get ahead of each other but everyone also likes to be politically correct.

Suppose animals also understand modern morality and starve to death but avoid eating each other, what will happen?

The lion will not hunt the deer, will he sigh coldly when he sees a fox passing by, or will he turn his face away? The cat will bow its head in respect of seeing the rat coming from the front, the dog will ask for cake juice and double bread instead of eating the bones, the vulture will sit on the carcass of a dead buffalo with satisfaction and eat the requested grass from the neighborhood? Leopards will only survive by…

In 1953, agents of the US CIA and the British intelligence agency MI6 carried out a successful operation to oust Iranian Prime Minister Dr. Mossadegh. What was the reason and how was this operation carried out?

On August 1 and 2, 1953, at 12 o’clock in the night, an American came out of the CIA’s safe house in Tehran. He wore a black T-shirt and gray trousers for the occasion, while he wore soft Iranian shoes called Givah.

An ordinary black car was parked outside the house. The American sat in the back seat. There was a blanket, which he put on himself and lay down on the floor of the car so that no one could see him.

Soon the vehicle reached the compound of a large building. There was a thin man standing on…

In Israel, too, conservative religious circles want to re-determine the status of women in religious teachings.

There are two views on women in Judaism. One is its practical role in the affairs of the world and the other is its spiritual position. Being spiritual, she is said to be closer to God.

In Judaism, women are economically dependent on men. She does not inherit any property, but if after the death of her husband she becomes the owner of the property, it is necessary for her to marry someone else within the tribe so that the property remains in the family.

In ancient Jewish imperialism, the family was identified with the mother, otherwise, although the man…

Gypsies tribes living in Europe are generally considered outside European culture. The history, culture, and daily life of these people is a very interesting research topic for anthropologists.

Historians now agree that the Gypsies came from the Indian subcontinent, so they belong to the Indo-European lineage. But later they identified themselves as an Egyptian. The reason was that they wanted to increase their importance by associating themselves with Egyptian civilization.

Because they have no written history of their own, nor do they know much about their own past. Therefore, the question of the circumstances under which they migrated and why they adopted the life of gypsies has been important.

Being nomadic, these people do not live permanently, do not settle, do not own property, and do not accumulate…

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