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I’m a travel lover, blogger, content writer, and SEO expert. I’m in the traveling business since 2016. New I’D Old lost :(

The kind of inhumane punishment meted out to women throughout history is unthinkable in today’s society.


The basic idea of punishment is that there is evil and wickedness in human nature. It can only be remedied when severe punishments are imposed and people stop committing crimes out of fear.

Now that the woman is considered weak and also less intelligent than the man, in order to…

The story of Roman civilization where a woman caused the end of the monarchy and the beginning of democracy.

Souece — Titian, Tarquin and Lucretia, 1571;

The history of the Roman woman begins with a tragedy. Before the Roman Republic, the Etruscan dynasty ruled here. His king went to the house of Brutus, a prominent citizen, one night and raped his wife, Lucretia, while he was not there.

The next day, Lucretia gathered her husband and…

Just as day and night watches have their own moods and effects on human beings, so do past have their own stories and moods. The eyes of time are never closed, they are always open.


Whether it is the light of the sun and the moon or the dark night, those eyes see everything.

Now the other thing is that many facts could not reach us or maybe they were not allowed to reach, because it is not the responsibility of time but of the…

Most people love to watch movies, but did you know that these movies, which provide a few hours of entertainment, often cause history to change?


By the way, it seems to be difficult but not impossible, but some films are made in such a way that it seems that they have changed the course of history.

Braveheart and Scotland

Gandhi had said, “I pay homage to the great founder of this library who has spent every penny of his own to give this invaluable treasure to India.”


“I heard about this beautiful library nine years ago and I’ve been looking forward to seeing it ever since. I was very…

Although in public the relationship between the Queen and Prince Philip has always been more professional than personal. But there were also moments during the friendship when the queen and her husband failed to hide their desire for each other from those who had a keen eye on the royal family.

Image Credit: AFP

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II had been married for 73 years before the death of Price on April 9 at the age of 99. Serving the country and the kingdom, this friendship lasted for more than half a century.

Although their relationship with the public has always been more…

In many Islamic countries, including Egypt, cannons have been used for years to announce the sighting of Eid moons and to announce the Sehr and Iftar during Ramadan.

Image Credit: AFP

A cannon installed in the fort of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi in Egypt was also first used in 1467 for the times of sehri and iftar. It worked for many centuries but was discontinued 30 years ago due to technical problems.

However, the cannon has recently been repaired and re-used.


Last week ship stuck in Suez Canal has drawn worldwide attention, but do you know how the canal was originally planned and then abandoned?

More than 1.5 million workers participated in the construction of Suez Image Source (public domain)

First, the coronavirus shook the world, now the ship stranded in the Suez Canal has given another warning that the modern world is not as stable as we think it is and a small incident can shake it.

The giant ship that stuck in Suez last week is costing the…

Story of my first ever trip to Neelum Valley AJK

This was my first trip of life. After completing matriculation and doing six months of job in a textile mill, I joined a travel agency as a data entry operator. …

Everyone wants to be slim, everyone likes intelligence, everyone wants to live a ‘normal’ life, everyone likes a powerful position, everyone likes the taste. Everyone wants to get ahead of each other but everyone also likes to be politically correct.

Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

Suppose animals also understand modern morality and starve to death but avoid eating each other, what will happen?

The lion will not hunt the deer, will he sigh coldly when he sees a fox passing by, or will he turn his face away? The cat will bow its head in…

Muhammad Sakhawat

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